For the best possible recordings, the recording space is one of the most important tools a studio can provide.

We've now installed sound windows in our recording space.  Careful sound level measurements were done before and after these installations, and we have achieved a 31.decibel improvement in quietness inside and exclusion of intrusive noise!
(-31 dB = less than 1/1000 the sound power of the original intrusive sound.)

The two windows in the main recording space are a double pane custom made "control room" style sealed window comprising unequal thickness panes of tempered 3/8" safety glass outside and 1/2" thick laminated glass inside weighing hundreds of pounds.

GEORGE AUGSPURGER and the late JOHN EARGLE, studio design gurus, consulted on the new mastering/control room, resulting in a listening space that provides maximum possible detail, monitoring accuracy and transportable results.

A separate split HVAC is installed for the new space.
Shear paneling added to make randomized plenum bays, turning the entire ceiling into a very effective bass trap to even out bass response and reduce standing waves.  
Huge ducts keep the new room HVAC system silent.
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
A.H. Flores   LINK
Power inside steel conduit.  Audio and power at right angles.  Computer power always on, speakers switched...   Ethernet loop for monitor loudspeakers...
Audio lines, multichannel audio lines, video lines, AES digital lines, fiber optic lines, ethernet facility lines...

UCLA student helpers Takeshi and Jay
pull and sort the spaghetti
of wires...

300 square feet of new cotton 2" thick duct liner for
 absorbent wall panels.

Carpet installed.  Careful to find all those wires!

30" deep fiberglass-lined absorbing acoustical
space at the "dead end" of the room...

Floor power from hospital-grade isolated power supply
 is balanced and floating from building main power


...looking at rear wall...

...looking at front wall...

Micro-Seiki tuntable, Otari MTR12 mastering tape deck, Dolby 362 Type A and dbx Pro noise reduction, Tascam A-3440, DAT and cassette decks,  for mastering from tapes and vinyl.

Spectral editing tunes harmony vocals, eliminates string squeaks, and does things impossible at most other studios.