Experience,Taste and Skill, Specializing in the art and craft of Recording
Professional Recording since 1961

  • We believe:
  • The art and the artist are the most important components of good recordings.
  • Gear should be transparent and harmless to the process of making recorded art.
  • Faithfully capturing artist performance and conveying artistic intent to the listener.
  • Not burdening recordings with effects and processing just because we can, but only in service to the musical and artistic goals of our respected clients.
  • Mastering our product in house to make it everything it can be.
  • Product should speak for itself and should never need additional "improvement" at additional expense in another facility after our clients take delivery.
  • Highly efficient and therefore cost-effective audio production and post-production at the highest quality level.
  • World-class mastering.  In some cases, we can re-master and improve even prior great mastering.  EXAMPLE
  • Protean university-level technical skills and musical adaptability.
  • Complete stereo and 5.1 surround audio recording in our facility as well as on remote location recording sessions.  Up to 48 tracks simultaneous digital audio recording.  Unlimited mix tracks.
  • Stereo and 5.1 surround mixing on state of the art monitoring systems.
  • Stereo and 5.1 surround mastering and CD or DVD creation.
  • Graphic design, type and text layout and CD / DVD package design.
  • L.P., 45, 78 pressing and acetate record transcription, restoration, remastering for digital audio media.
  • One of Los Angeles' finest studio musician talent pools on our electronic Rolodex.
  • 45+ year professional history without a single dissatisfied client.
Sound Path Labs recording offers one of the most insightful and helpful recording experiences anywhere, whether you're recording for the first time or the hundredth time.  We provide clients a musical environment that brings out the artist.  We never stifle creativity by telling you what you "can't" do.  We work smartly and cleverly to find ways to allow the art to flourish freely.  A music lover and gifted university professor of audio recording who has taught successful professionals at both USC and UCLA, with 55 years of musical training and 45 years as a working professional musician including touring, television and numerous concert performances at the White House etc., Drew Daniels brings unusual skills and insights to every project.  With such depth of musical experience, your music is understood and nurtured.

Jazz (solo to big band),  Bluegrass,  Western (cowboy),  Country,  Choral,  Country-western,  Folk, Folk-Rock,  Old-timey,  Blues (acoustic and electric),  Pop,  Pop-Rock,  World,  Percussion,  African,  Afro-Cuban,  Irish (folk and ballad),  International,  French folk,  Italian folk,  Greek,  Persian,  Japanese, Chinese,  Indian,  Indonesian,  South American,  Native American,  Poetry,  Meditation,  Healing/guided imagery,  Children's,  School Concerts, Plays and Musicals,  Classical (orchestral, chamber orchestra, solo recital).  Referrals to world class Opera recordists upon request.

  • Multi-camera digital video shoots..
  • "Personal Trainer" audio and recording training by arrangement.
  • Live sound reinforcement for intimate concerts to 1500 seats, with recording.  (Please call to discuss your needs.)


Recording, Mixing, Editing, Sweetening, EQ / Normalize, Assembly / Track Sequencing, Mastering, CD Prep / CD Replication Master Disk Burning, CD / DigiPak photoshop Art and Package Design


$50 / hour - all services including world-class mastering³
Piano tuning  is $100 which we normally cover.  Clients may split tuning cost for an hour of studio time.

Location Recording
$1200 / day ¹
Location Sound Reinforcement
$2400 / day ²
Location Recording with simultaneous Sound Reinforcement
$3000 / day ¹  ²
Mixing, mastering and CD prep off site after performance
$50 / hour

¹  Includes un-mixed client reference complete session program as mp3 file on a CD.

² Includes all day rate services except any hired in labor required for complex productions.  Additional labor is added to rate.  Sound reinforcement provides three-way sound system suitable for international acoustic music act in 1200 seat auditorium, powered by 4000-watt amp rack and provides up to 6 separate powered stage monitors and up to six separate monitor mixes.

³ Note on mastering:  mastering a well-recorded and thus straightforward CD project usually takes two or three hours but may take as much as four or five depending on how much repair may be needed, and how many track order choices must be auditioned.