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The earliest recordings I have are from 1972.  Played an estimated 61,000+ hours in Marina Del Rey, California
restaurants, with Chet DeMilo (Peter Clark), player Ron Starr, and Bobby Darin/Pat Boone drummer John Baker.
I've posted four tunes from February, 1972.  Diddn't remember making these tapes until Peter found them in 2009.
1. Night Train LISTEN       2. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy LISTEN        3. Brandy - Peter on vocal LISTEN        4. If - me on vocal LISTEN
...and a recent track I did a month ago just to see if I could still sing, Drift Away LISTEN

Eight minute mp3 edited example of my more recent bass work
on tracks I've recorded in our studio here   (18 MB file)    listen

On "Drift Away" in the middle of the mp3, I'm singing, playing and working the recording equipment all live during a band rehearsal here in 1999.)

       Bill Zorn            Joy Lober                      John Lamont                    Tara Lee                  Rick Hanson               Jane Dunham (Vandiver)             Drew Daniels            
1974 - Singing and playing in THE NEW CHRISTY MINSTRELS
(...an original mighty wind!)

1980 at L.A.'s Palomino Club, opening for blues legend Jimmy Witherspoon.
Five feet away at a front row table, John Entwhistle sat staring at my hands.
No need for nerves!

2006 on stage with blues "legend" in his own mind  Jimmy Guitar Smith.
Ah,  them blues legends named Jimmy !

2008 show gig with client Jerry Day