...uses Adobe Audition 3.0 for recording, mixing
and mastering.  We like the sound, the ease
of operations and the speed of the results.
(We also have and use ProTools, when needed.)

A fine mastering facility in Calgary, Canada
has taken pains to test and compare a large
number of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
software packages, and published revealing
graphical analysis on their web site.  
A big tip of the hat to

This link opens these comparative analyses.

Start by selecting Adobe Audition 2 Pre/Post Filter
in the top panel (currently the 6th selection in the drop-down).
NOTE: This is Audition's default setting.

From the drop-down in the second panel,
you can then choose
any of a list of DAW
packages and OS choices
to compare
Audition's conversion precision and quality
to that of others.

Some are very good or even better than Audition,
but some range from poor to disgusting, including
some that will take you quite by surprise.


Infinitewave's help page explains the various test
parameters.  It may be somewhat technical for those
who have not previously studied digital audio, Nyquist
theory,  conversion algorithms, and the AES literature
on digital artifact audibility.